Saturday, May 3, 2014

March, 2014, in the desert

It has been a true blessing to be in the desert this year! 
The first Hedgehog bloom was seen in early March

 The  yellow Brittle Bush brightened up the desert among the ocotillo and the cholla.

Then there is what we call Poppy Canyon.


And a hummingbird

A beautiful Argentine Giant Cactus and a Spiny lizard


A Horned Lizard (Toad) and a Chuckwalla Iguana

A ride near Quartzsite where odds and ends are set up in the desert  - quite whimsical.  This is just a small sampling because I have been here before.

We have a friend that has been somewhat of a ‘timid’ rider for awhile, but learned to overcome it.  After declining once before, she was ready for ‘Oh Shit Run’.  She gave a thumbs up because she did it (tho it wasn’t her favorite).
We also saw a young Chuckwalla at the end of the trail.


Riding in the hills to see an Ocotillo in bloom, a Mama hawk unhappy as we visit her chicks and a Collared lizard



 A harmless Gopher or Bull snake.  A lizard that I haven’t figured out, but what a pose!

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