Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 27-28, 2014–Canada Customs and Hell’s Gate Tram

I got an early start, but I had stops to make before crossing into Canada at Sumas, Washington.  Ah, an agent with no personality and probably a chauvinist.  The conversation went something like this – ‘Where are you going?’ Alaska; ‘Do you know someone there? No;  ‘Then why are you going?’ To sightsee;  ‘Alone?’ Yes; ‘Have you done this before?’ Yes.  That yes was a bit of a stretch since I wasn’t alone last time, but good grief!!  He did ask if I had any weapons, but he didn’t ask if I had any liquor!  I could have brought that cheap Arizona liquor with me!!

The Fraser River and one of many trains!

The weather was good, but the forecast for the next few days wasn’t.  I skipped a couple things so that I could get to Boston Bar for the Hell’s Gate Airtram Ride.  I did learn that one of the attractions on my list was closed due to a slide so I didn’t feel so bad!

Going down!

Fishways were built on either side of the river to aid the salmon swimming upstream.



The tram ride was short compared to the others I have done.   Once you get down to ‘river level’ you are greeted with shops where you can spend your money.   There are train tracks on both sides of the river and very much in use!

I am now ahead of schedule on the first day and have passed where I intended to spend the night.  I came upon Gold Pan Provincial Park on the banks of the Thompson River just north of where it joins the Fraser.  Very powerful water and my kind of place!  Again there were trains on both sides of the river.  They are long and there are many of them!

Day 2 I woke to rain which was off and on all day for my drive.  Like deer crossing signs, they have badger crossing signs here.  One did cross right in front of me!  I knew there was a semi behind me so I couldn’t completely stop and I saw in my mirror that the badger made it across the road.  Guess he didn’t see the sign where he was suppose to cross!

Tonight I am WalMart in Quesnel, B.C. and grateful for their WiFi!

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  1. im so jealous! makes me want to load up the rv and head out..WIsh me luck. WIll try to make a trip later on this summer. Hows the weather up there?

    keep posting! thanks for posting pics too! Janet A