Wednesday, June 25, 2014

May 30-31–Seeley Lake, Bear Glacier, Cassiar Highway

I camped overnight at Seeley Lake ($16).  Nice spot but when I walked to the self-registration booth, the mosquitoes were hungry!  That evening, they seemed to be coming into the camper one at a time – kill one and another buzzed.  At 5 a.m. I woke with one buzzing my head – no more sleep for me and that is way to early for this gal!!
These photos were taken through the window as I wasn’t making any unnecessary trips outside.

Reflection at sunrise.

I knew we had seen Bear Glacier near Stewart two years ago, but I just couldn’t remember it so I took a side trip.  It really isn’t that memorable!

Pretty scenery though.

From here it is onward to the Cassiar Highway where there is a lot of logging taking place as they clear a huge path to put up new power ‘towers’.  There was nowhere to pull over, no one around so I tried to take a quick photo.  Not the best but you can see the 'tower'.  I had thought to try to get a better shot until I came upon the RCMP officer who had pulled over a car that had passed me earlier.  Think I’ll behave.  On his way up, LeRoy was told these power lines are for four gold mines reopening and some new ones.  The existing ones operated with generators previously.

I haven’t been keeping track of daily mileage, but today was 435 miles – way too many.  I arrived at Jade City where they have free overnight parking. 

May 31 – I headed on up the highway.  Now the evidence of the 2010 fire is visible and possibly earlier ones judging by the new growth.  A sad sight.

A short hike (1/3 mile) to Rancheria Falls.

I was satisfied but the boardwalk continued

Other than the falls and 3 black bears (no photos), I wasn’t impressed with the Cassiar Highway at least compared to coming through Jasper and Banff.  The road was very good with few minor exceptions.

As I neared Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, the wind picked up enough to knock me around a bit.  I knew I was headed to the Walmart lot and was close.  By the time I got there the wind was blowing sand across the lot (used to combat icy conditions in the winter).  I could hardly keep the door open long enough to get in the camper.  That was strong enough wind that I would have had to pull over no matter where I was.  Internet weather reported 30 mph wind but I have no idea what the gusts were.  338 miles today.

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