Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 7–Moose Creek Campground to Dawson City

This guy was right outside my window when I had coffee this morning!

A moose!!!

Today was the Commissioner’s Tea and Ball in Dawson City.  When I arrived in town, the tea was being held at the Commissioner’s Residence.  Many people were dressed in period costumes.

After going to the library to use the Internet, I parked near the Yukon River.  I had not been there long when LeRoy arrived.  I would not be driving the long gravel roads without him. 

The sternwheeler ride might be fun.  The ‘raft’ appeared to be ‘parked’ on a mud bar.  The canoe was tied to it and later another boat joined it.  It will be interesting to see if it is still there when we go by in a couple of weeks.  (Yes, it was still there)

As I am posting, I am reminded again that I am not taking photos of many places because I did so in 2012.

We had 15 amp electrical hookups at the Dawson City RV Park just outside of town.  Nothing special and pricey ($28).  We had chosen this park as a meeting place and since LeRoy had already checked in when we met in town, I did as well.  Wouldn't do it again.  We did have free wi-fi (until 10 p.m.) and we’ll want to use their dump and fill with water in the morning.  

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