Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 21 and 22–Top of the World Highway

Saturday - We woke to rain and poor visibility so we will stay put.  It is so nice not to be on a schedule.  First, I want to see the scenery from this road and second, I have no desire to drive in the rain and mud.  A light sprinkle is nice as it keeps the dust down.  I am surprised at the number of vehicles going by – so far many motorcycles and RVs.  At 11 a.m. the temperature is 44 degrees.

Sunday –On the road again!  We traveled the Top of the World west to east 2 years ago.  Sure seems to me that east to west is more scenic on the north side of the road.  The road was quite good until we reached Alaska.  After that were 12 miles of rocky construction.

Poor cabin!

Alaska!!  On to cheaper prices, no more metric and phone service!!
Why I like my truck camper!

At a junction the road goes to Chicken and Tok one way or to Eagle the other. 

Another dirt/gravel road but this one is winding and narrow.  It started out very nice, but it got rougher and narrower!  Large RVs are not recommended but a Class A with toad went by.  There is one section that I just wanted to get through because there was no place to pull over for oncoming traffic! 

The bridge over the 40 Mile River.  We have seen many bridges with these wooden decks.

Just pretty.

I bought some liquor and a 6-pack of beer yesterday and then realized that was probably more than I was allowed coming into the U.S.  I handed the beer off to LeRoy.  After U.S. Customs, he told me the lady liked his choice of beer – it is from the Yukon Brewery in Whitehorse!  She didn’t ask me if I had liquor!  They didn’t ask me going into Canada either.  Totally out of place but a story from our trip to the Grand Canyon in May.  We were in a cafeteria, took our tray with both meals and a beer on it to pay.  The male cashier looked at me and asked if I was sure I didn’t want something to drink.  Had to tell him that beer was mine!  

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