Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 11–12 –Dempster Highway, Days 4 and 5

LeRoy went back to Eagle Plains and bought a tire – matched as well as they could.  Of course, he saw a nice grizzly bear and got a great photo!  Guess that was his reward for all the tire problems.
We headed north and crossed into the Northwest Territories – no photos as those are in 2012 post. 

We parked by the side of the road for the night and could watch the sun move just above the horizon.  At least two pickup trucks pulled up, five guys got out and they gathered for prayer beside the road.   I know there has to be a story behind it as L says they were each given something they sprinkled on the ground.

I took this photo at 6:30 this morning just because I was up and it was pretty.

 Shortly after we left our ‘campsite’ this morning, I spotted this young moose.  He was quite far from the road – I need to set up the tripod – think I said that before.

I saw this sign near Fort McPherson and wondered what that meant! 

Further ahead was a this sign.

Quite a mansion this beaver built!

Today we crossed the Peel and MacKenzie Rivers on free ferries – again photos and explanations of how they are operated are in 2012 blog.  The second ferry had a muddy mess for boarding and unloading!  It wasn’t the greatest last time either.  This semi loaded after we did, tight quarters and you can see some of the muck on the ferry deck. 

Pullovers have been few and far between today so we took the first available place we found for the night.  We are parked above the Rengling River and I have a peek-a-boo view. 

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