Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 8–We begin the Dempster Highway

Since we were here in August two years ago, the landscape doesn’t necessarily look the same!     It is 457 miles, one way, to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories, and we did the round trip in 4 days.  The road is dirt/gravel/smooth/rough.  Because we were here two years ago, I did not repeat some photos and explanations – for example the ferries, the town of Inuvik – its colorful buildings and ways to protect the permafrost it is built on.  Those are in my 2012 blog.

Tanks have been emptied, water filled, we have fueled and I got propane – we are off!

LeRoy leads the way…

We stopped at the Tombstone Territorial Park Interpretive Center.  Great building and exhibits.

As you can see, we have clouds!  Tombstone Mountain (unless the real one is behind a cloud!)  There’s always the return trip and hope for clear skies.

We didn’t try to get very far today – 45 miles to the Interpretive Center and then to a wonderful campsite on the North Klondike River!  I’m in heaven in this spot.

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