Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 16-20–Heading back to Dawson City

Monday - Too many clouds for the photos LeRoy wants to take, so we stayed put above the river.
Tuesday – Beautiful day and we moved back to the ‘photo shoot’ location.  Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in.  We picked up a lot of very fine dust today – I have a nice coating on things in the camper.  Mosquitoes were terrible in the evening and morning here!  I could hear them hitting the camper – sounded like rain sprinkles.
Here’s a photo of the ferry crossing the MacKenzie River.  This time the semi was loaded behind us.

Wednesday – We crossed back into the Yukon Territory and this plaque was at the boundary.

We also saw a small portion of the aftermath of the wildfire that started last week on our way north. 

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘Do bears s*** in the woods?’  Up here it seems they do it on the roadside – or even in the road.  Lots of ‘calling cards’ but no bears!

Thursday -  I read about this memorial in the Tombstone Territorial Park visitor center and nearly missed it along the road.  Annie Henry wanted a memorial to her husband and their granddaughter commissioned this.  Annie lived long enough to see it.  Notice their ages at death – 103 and 101.

We are near what is known as sheep mountain and it is lambing season.  Sad to say I haven’t see any sheep, but there are prints along the road as well as those of a moose.  Parked for the night with fresh snow visible .
  Friday – We woke to a beautiful morning once again and continued on to Dawson City.

We stopped again at the overlook to see Tombstone Mountain.

Wildlife at last as we saw a moose and her calf!!  We stopped some distance away so photo isn't real sharp.

We took care of RV chores – tanks, water, fuel – when we arrived in Dawson City.  Then to the library for Wi-Fi – a one hour limit here. 
We arrived at the ferry at 4 o’clock and sat in line for an hour.


The other side.

We found a spot for the night with mountains visible far to the north.  On to Alaska tomorrow!!

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