Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 13–Dempster Highway, Day 6 - Inuvik

Rain, rain and more rain!  We had only about 40 miles until Inuvik, but what a ride it was.  These roads are slick when wet so it was slow going.  We saw no semis on the road today – probably just too wet. 

We came upon road construction where they were digging and covering about 2/3 of the road with the pile of dirt.  Probably not a big deal if the road wasn’t mud.  I watched LeRoy drive it – tilting and sliding a bit.  Yea for 4 wheel drive!  I moved a little closer to the dirt pile to get around it not knowing that the dirt wasn’t coming from off the side of the road, but just on the other side of the pile!  I may have knocked a little dirt down into the hole where the men were working on the culvert!  Oops.  Fun times.

We stopped at the Visitor Center where the two women were fun and very helpful. 

Inuvik is built on permafrost so building precautions must be taken.  Most buildings are up on blocks so the heat from them does not melt the permafrost.  Photos are here:

This hanging is made from seal skin

They told us a picnic was being held to honor the elders and we should go.  Due to the rain it was moved to the Ingamo Hall Friendship Center.  The center is the site of many community activities, especially for the children.  We were told the ‘picnic’ began at 1 o’clock, but unfortunately it didn’t begin until 3.  The center does have an interesting story of construction, and it is the largest log building north of the Arctic Circle.

No photo of the outside - it was raining.

We went to the library for Wi-Fi.  It is apparently a good ‘drop your kids off for the day’ site, and they are allowed to run free.  Many places ask you to remove your shoes before entering and provide shelves to leave them at.  This was the sight as we left – I like the pair right in front of the door as I have seen a grandchild or two do this in their younger days. Smile 

The forest fire we saw coming up jumped the highway two days ago.  They are keeping pilot cars handy if they are needed to lead travelers through the smoke.
We are camped at Happy Valley Territorial Park for two nights – $28 a night for electricity.  It is chilly and wet!  LeRoy had to hose off his camper around the door so he could get in.  I have a river of mud on my back bumper.  Weather is to be better Sunday!!

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