Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 24-25–Let’s find some pavement to Fairbanks!

One more day of dirt and narrow road!

This tree beside the road in the middle of nowhere has a few Christmas decorations on it!

Quite a gold digging operation right next to the road.  There was more equipment, a motorhome, a portable toilet, etc.  All the white is water pressure washing the rocks.

We stopped in Chicken for lunch and had some interesting discussions with other travelers.

We found the place we had spent the night in 2012.  That time there were swans there, but this time it was ducks.  I saw a couple ducklings so grabbed the camera and opened the door.  All six were swimming away from mama and she was giving them what for!  They found their places.

We drove in rain today – lots of rain at times.  We are now parked in Fairbanks at WalMart along with many others!  It really is quite convenient for all that needs to be done.  Also nice to have Internet again – Verizon didn’t work up here two years ago.  The blog is now caught up so it is time to move on to all the other chores!

After over 1200 miles of gravel in 16 days, I have had enough gravel for awhile.  LeRoy is going to drive the Dalton Highway (the Haul Road).  We did the tour two years ago, and I just can’t bring myself to do that one again.  I will head toward Anchorage.  Missed Talkeetna last trip and I see a boat ride there that looks fun.  Maybe a zip line.

Thanks for coming along on the ride so far!

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