Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 3-4, Pelly Crossing, Silver Trail

When I started planning this trip a couple months ago, I kept looking at photos of Kluane Lake and had to decide if I wanted to take a side trip there on the way up thinking I had never been there.  Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive.  However, as I started the drive, I realized I have been there – it is on the Alaska Highway!  It was also one of my favorite stops where we saw Dall Sheep!  My poor old brain!  I had planned to spend a few days there so now I am really ahead of schedule since I didn’t go there. 
With rain predicted for Monday, I joined the other residents of the Wal-Mart parking lot.  One man even had a wood stove in his older Class C!  He chopped and sawed wood right there in the lot!  I got lots of cleaning done.  There is a free dump and potable water at the fuel station next door.  There is also a Canadian Tire store where I could purchase DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) which the new truck requires.  What a pain that is turning out to be!
Tuesday morning I ran a bunch of errands and did the usual chores before heading on.
I stopped at the overlook for the Five Finger Rapids and tried out the new little point and shoot camera.  I’d like to take the stairs and trail down there, but friends previously encountered a bear there.   Just not prepared for that. 

A quick stop (thanks to mosquitoes) at Riser Lake and its beautiful turquoise color.
I spent the night at the free campground at Pelly Crossing on the Stewart River.  A beautiful red fox trotted across behind the camper, but ran off before I could grab the camera.  No Internet, no phone, quiet solitude – until midnight.  It was still light out when 6 people walked by quietly toward the back of the campground.  They had possibly been at the bar across the road.  Once they got wherever they were going, at least one of them decided we needed to hear him hoot and holler until about 2 a.m. Glad I’m a night owl.

I fired off the generator and the Keurig single cup coffeemaker the next morning.  After 3 tries, I finally warmed water on the stove and poured it into the coffeemaker.  Apparently the water was so cold, the coffeemaker couldn’t heat it in the time allotted!! 

I took a walk and ran across butterflies by the river.

This is a view of Pelly Crossing.  The campground is at the left end of the bridge.  I have had 2 level campsites – both in free campgrounds!

I decided to take a side trip up the Silver Trail.  The highlight was this black bear.  I was following him along the road when he finally turned, sat, posed and seemed to say ‘here lady, now go away’.  Taken through the windshield.  I find I am missing my chauffeur from the last trip who could pull over, watch for traffic and get me to a good vantage point while I played photographer!!

A hummingbird moth!  I had never seen one before.
I am at Moose Creek,  a Yukon Government CG ($12), for 3 nights before I head to Dawson City on Saturday. 

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