Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 9–Dempster Highway, Day 2

I don’t think we traveled but about 120 miles today.  Speed is as low as 10 mph at times but mostly around 30 mph.  Makes looking for wildlife easier – now if they would just come out to play!!  I did see a ptarmigan (flew right in front of me), a muskrat swimming and a wolverine (I think) running away from me – no photos.
There is still snow and ice on streams, rivers and lakes.

We stopped to look for Gyrfalcon nests – didn’t see any but then heard one squawking at us as it flew overhead.  He landed quite far away so photo isn’t the greatest – time to get out the tripod.

This is Engineer Creek, known locally as Red Creek.  Its colored rock bed comes from dissolved minerals.  It was one of my favorite spots last time so fun to see it with snow!

The highway is very dusty – I’m still carrying dust in the camper from two years ago I’m sure.  However, we have had intermittent rain – calms the dust but…..


If rain wasn’t enough, the road is being graded – after the water truck comes by to water it down!!  What a mess!!

Our campsite tonight is off the road up a little hill.  I waited while LeRoy drove up here to make sure he didn’t have to back down!!  Storms in the distance, a bit of thunder here and some rain drops.

Lupine with little pine (?) seedling.

The ‘path’ we drove up and the Dempster Highway in the distance heading north.

My poor, poor truck!!  It’s going to get a good scrub down when we get back to Dawson!!  Well, maybe not because we still have the Top of the World Highway and the road to Eagle, Alaska!

The weather has cleared a little.

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